Practical things to know before visiting Jordan

Amman, Jordan

We arrived to Jordan yesterday. It is our first time here and for now we are enjoying it (just the weather could have mercy on us). Here are a few things, you should think about (more than we did), before traveling to Jordan.


Make sure you know what kind of weather to expect and bring appropriate clothes and shoes (I didn’t, so I have a new pair of shoes in my collection). Summers are really hot and winters (like right now) can be rainy and windy (today (27.12.) it was just 6oC, rainy with wind).


This was probably the easiest visa procedure ever. You just visit, fill out the form, pay by credit card and voila, you have it on your e-mail. Just download the mobile version and you’re good to go – you just show this at the border control and at any attraction you want to visit (and it’s included).

The biggest advantage of the pass is the price: because Petra is also included, it makes so much more sense to buy this and not deal with embassies and it is even cheaper than paying for the visa and Petra separately.


Do not change money at the airport! We wanted to change 250€, they offered 164JD, while in the city center in downtown they offered us 200JD. The ATM at the airport is in the arrivals hall when you come out on the left.

Sim card

We bought a sim card from UMNIAH at the airport. For 14.8 JD we got 18GB data, way too many minutes and sms we could use, and even an international minute bundle was included (350 min to USA, Canada, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, Finnland, Slovakia etc.). Just look at the photo for all countries and the number of minutes. Unfortunately no Slovenia on the list. ☹

Umniah Jordan


Jordan is a Muslim country, which means if you are a woman, you should dress appropriately.

This also means you’ll hear their prayer 5 times a day, you will not get any pork meat and alcohol is quite expensive.

Otherwise the people are very friendly and helping and you’ll hear “welcome to Jordan” on every step.


Don’t even bother. We tried to register it, but the procedure was way to complicated and way to expensive (crazy 180€ PER DAY), so it is waiting for us at home.


As we have just arrived, this is what we can share for now. If more interesting things will pop up, I’ll add them to the article.

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