Must see things in rainy Amman

Yes, it is possible to have rain in Amman. Just visit in winter or visit with us and some rain will be guaranteed. 😊

If you travel to Jordan, Amman will probably be the first contact with Jordan you’re going to have. It’s the capital with around 3.5 million people scattered around 7 hills (I think there are more). If you ever visited La Paz in Bolivia, it’s quite similar.

So, a few things, we did and would recommend to you:

Amman Citadel

I was really looking forward to this sight, as I like ancient history and architecture, but it was pouring like crazy when we were there. We were running from the museum to the church, then waited in a cave for the rain to stop to make the next move. At least we spent a lot of time at the Archeological museum and had a good look at all the exhibits.

From the citadel you can enjoy a marvelous view over the city and I can imagine it must be gorgeous for sunset on a clear day.

amman citadel





Walking from the citadel towards downtown, you’ll probably take the shortcut with the stairs. Halfway there’s a lookout with a very good view of the roman theater.

ammanroman theater

Roman theater and forum

When you finally finished with all the stairs, just cross the road and you’ll be standing in the middle of the forum. On the right side is a ticket office, where you can buy tickets for the theater (with Jordan pass it is free). The theater is really impressive and worth visiting. Walk all the way up and marvel at the perfect architecture and acoustics.



# ❤ AMMAN sign

Just outside the forum on the left is this sign, where you can snap a memory.



There are many souqs or markets in downtown Amman. We really enjoyed walking through the fruit and vegetable souq, the golden souq was just for looking and all the streets around there are full with different shops, where you can buy anything from clothes, souvenirs, shoes, jewery, perfumes etc.


Hasheem restaurant

Our friend Urška visited Amman just a month before us and she was raving about this restaurant downtown. It is vegetarian and the waiters are quite straight forward – no menu, we have falafel, humus and … some dishes I didn’t understand. In a few minutes our table was full with three different hummus, a dozen falafel, fresh mint, onion and tomatoes, pickles, three big flat breads and two hot mint teas. I probably don’t have to say we dug in. And we paid just 6JD for this feast. We couldn’t believe it, so we came back the next day and had another yummy dinner.


King Abdullah mosque

With its turquoise dome it is such an eye catcher. As we were there on a Friday, we couldn’t go in, but the man at the door said, we can come back any other day.


There are more places to explore for sure, but we didn’t take photos due to being cold, rain and being hungry or we didn’t visit. But keep in mind, if you have time go to Rainbow street, which is a modern shopping street above downtown with some nice shops and restaurant (the famous Sufra restaurant is here); rainbow stairs are a nice colorful contrast to the boring beige color of the city and we heard that the Royal automobile museum is also worth a visit.

If you have any insider tips or recommendations for us about Amman, please let us know, we’ll be back in town at the end of our trip and we might take a look at them. Thanks and thanks for reading, see you soon.

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