How to become an Arena Champion in Zillertal Arena?

So, you decided to spend your skiing day in Zillertal Arena and heard something about becoming an Arena Champion? Let us tell you how step by step 😉

Before you hit the slopes, download the app Skiline or register on . For registering you already need your lift ticket. It takes just 2-3 minutes and it’s really easy.
The app is cool as well if you don’t plan to become a champion, because it keeps track of all the lifts you take, it counts your elevation meters, skiing meters etc.

Ok, you registered and are on your way to hit the slopes. Now you just need to check 6 of the following 13 arena Champion spots:

  • BMW xDrive Cup Skimovie in Zell / Action-Park Kreuzwiese
  • SkiMovie in Gerlos / Ebenfeld-X-Press
  • BMW xDrive Cup Skimovie in Königsleiten (Boardercross) / Gipfelbahn
  • Skimovie Königsleiten / Gipfelbahn
  • Skimovie Hochkrimml / Duxer-6er Bubble
  • BMW xDrive Speed Check in Zell / Action-Park
  • Kids Speed Check in Gerlos / Ebenfeld-X-Press
  • Speed Check in Königsleiten / Gipfelbahn
  • BMW xDrive Speed Check Hochkrimml / Plattenkogellift
  • Photopoint Zell / Arena Stadl
  • Photopoint Gerlos / Arena Center
  • Photopoint Königsleiten / Bergstation Dorfbahn
  • Photopoint Plattenkogel-X-Press II / Hochkrimml

zillertal blog

As you can see it’s a mix of Skimovies, where you have to race a slalom or ski cross, there are speed checks, where you basicaly ski straight down and your top speed is recorded and of course there are 4 lovely photo spots with the one and only yellow elephant Funty.

The prize for completing 6 of the above challenges is a personalized photo book, which your friends will envy you.

The best thing is – all the changes are included in the lift ticket, just don’t forget to tap before you do any of them – only this way you can watch yourself later in the Skimovies, have all results gathered and photos from the Photo points saved.

SKI CROSS           Photo by Theresa Witting

You don’t have to beat a particular time or speed, you just need to participate. For those a little bit more competitive, here are our times:
BMW xDrive Speed Check Hochkrimml / Plattenkogellift 66km/h
Skimovie Königsleiten / Gipfelbahn 29:74

And this is how your photo will look like

zillertal arena champion

Have fun, ski safe and enjoy the beautiful Zilllertal Arena, Champion 😉


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