Bye bye 2020, hello 2021

As I’m not really a fan of recaps or big planning, I decided to do this mandatory post all in one. I’m writing something like this for the first time actually. 😊 So much about how I enjoy stuff like this 😉

Anyway, 2020 was quite a different year, don’t you think? We were all at home sooo much, some scared, others just annoyed. Thanks to 2020 we discovered places in Austria we probably wouldn’t in the next xx years. But 2020 also helped us realize, who ticks like we do and who sees the world entirely differently. We could say that 2020 was a good filter.

Oh and although the situation was like it was this year, we managed to add a new country to our list 😊 In August we visited San Marino. Aaaaand not to forget – we survived Covid 19 😀

If I make a short recap:

I had a 4 month break from Instagram, as I really didn’t enjoy it anymore and I learned a lot about Pinterest, where I started to be active. The 3rd channel where we are active is Youtube and Jure made some really cool videos this year. It would mean the world to us, if you would subscribe/follow us on these channels if you enjoy our content and want to suport us.

And plans for 2021?

Well, if I’m honest, I’m pretty scared to make plans for the future … I thought we will be going skiing on 21st of January for the weekend, as the lockdown should end on the 18th. But today they announced that the lockdown will be till the 24th. So if I can’t plan for 14 days in advance, how should I plan for 2 or 4 months in advance?

Yes, we have some wishes, but all depends on the pandemic situation in the world. I do not fancy a 10-14 day quarantine at my destination nor when I’m back home. I don’t have a problem with testing, so let’s see what will be possible.

I really miss Asia, so I hope I’ll be able to return this year. On January 6th it will be exactly 1 year, since we left Thailand. And since then we haven’t flown at all. Luckily we still have many countries to discover in Europe, so if intercontinental travel will not be possible, I would like to visit Malta, Cyprus, Norway, Finland, Island, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Albania and Macedonia. Yes, we still haven’t visited all these countries 😊 On the other hand, if by any chance it will be possible to travel further, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala have been on our list for ages, some African countries like Ethiopia, Djibouti, Namibia and South Africa, in “our” Asia we would love to visit Mongolia, Korea and return to all of the SE Asian countries, in the far future (or who knows when) also New Zealand and Oceania is waiting for us.

As you see, there are sooo many wishes, one can’t get bored with a world big and beautiful like the one we’re living in.

And personal plans for 2021?

Of course we have some plans … or better said wishes for this year. I (Simona) would like to move, to be able to adopt a dog again. In our current apartment no animals are allowed, and it has been 3,5 years since my fur-baby passed away. A cat would also be nice (of course in combination with a dog). 😉  We are thinking of moving back to Slovenia, as we really miss our family and friends, but in the same breath I can say, that we are also thinking about just quitting my job and moving to Asia for a year or so (of course in this scenario a dog would not be adopted). After our second big trip didn’t happen due to Corona and luckily I didn’t quit then, a big unfulfilled gap stayed.

As you can see, we are pretty undecided and without a real plan. But hey, sometimes it is good to be lost in the right direction.  

We wish you all the best in 2021 – may your days be bright and filled with love and laughter, let’s be kind to each other, helpful and caring and I’m sure the world will become a better place. ❤

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