VLOG: Kochi, Kerala in 2 days

I can’t believe I’m writing this – I managed to take Jure to India 🙂 11 years have passed since I backpacked around this wast country with my friend Anja and after returning and telling Jure all the stories, he was clear: I have no desire to visit India. And look how time changes people …

We decided to visit Kerala and the first days we spent in Kochi, the biggest city in the region. It reminded us a lot of Sri Lanka and we actually really enjoyed it. I hope I’ll gather the energy to write a detailed blog post about it, because we can really recomend some restaurants and a very honest guide/tuk-tuk driver.

Anyway, take a look at the first vlog from India, where we’re showing you around Kochi, we’re taking you to the amazing Kathakali show and much more 😉 Enjoy and as always – if you like it, give us a thumps up on YouTube and Subscribe ❤

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