VLOG: Mumbai, the city of contrasts

We ended our trip in Mumbai, where we saw some incredible contrasts. After we spent some days in lovely and much smaller Kochi, and we made our way through the highlings of Kerala, we arrived in Mumbai. It’s such a vibrant and busy city with so many different faces. In this vlog we’re taking you to the flower market, to the Dhobi ghat – one of many open air laudries in the city, then we went to the Dharavi slum, the most dense populated slum in the world and 3rd biggest slum in the world, which got known in the movie Slum dog millionaire. There were really some moments my heart almost stopped … But we also wanted to show you the other side of Mumbai, so we had high tea at the posh Taj Mahal Palace hotel.

We hope you’ll enjoy our stroll through Mumbai ❤

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