Don’t want to travel solo?

There are many ways how to escape the everyday life. One of the most popular is travelling. But some don’t like to travel alone. Looking for a travel partner? These are your options:

Travelling in pair
Who or what is a pair? Oxford dictionary states:  a pair: “two people who are doing something together or who have a particular relationship”.

This is my favourite kind of travelling. I only took shorter travels by myself and it was OK, but I still missed company. I also travelled with a larger group, but the coordination of so many different interests is too exhausting for me. Under the term pair I imagine two people who can be friends, two complete strangers travelling together because of similar interests, or two people who are in love. I can’t imagine going on a trip with someone you don’t like or don’t get along with.

Travelling with a stranger
Yes, you can travel with a stranger. On different internet sites, chat rooms or social networks you can find people to travel with. Why? The most common reasons are similar interests, or because someone close to you doesn’t have time or money to go somewhere. Travelling in this way can be exhausting, because we don’t know the companion’s habits and the worst thing that can happen is that we go different paths. But new friendships can also be a result of travelling with a stranger.

Travelling with a friend
People often travel with their friends. We know the person (or at least we think we do) and that gives us a sense of security. We can get into a fight while travelling, which can cause long lasting consequences; you might not want to see this person for a while when you come home. But these things happen when travellers don’t know each other well enough and choose a destination that is too challenging. In most cases travelling with a friend is an unforgettable experience. For example, when you have a bad day or miss your family, your friend can cheer you up. When you are fed up with drivers ripping you off and you are about to pay too much (for a probably very short 5-minute ride), your friend is the one who bargains the price, or in the worst case, drags you to the hotel by foot.

Travelling as a couple
I am most used to this kind of travelling. We are like a well oiled machine, and I know what to expect and what I have to do. Travelling with your partner can also be “dangerous” like the one with a friend.  Fights occur sooner and they end worse. A lot of people realize that the person they are with is not what they thought. We know that in everyday life we tend not to spend enough time with our partner, this is due to: school, work, classes, sports activities etc. When you are travelling you are together 24/7 and there aren’t any other friends there. This can be fatal for some couples. Luckily, I have managed to avoid this faith. We divide our tasks while travelling. My husband rides the bike, makes sure that all the gadgets batteries are full, that we eat and drink enough. It’s easier with the luggage as well. When you are travelling with a friend you carry only your luggage, but when you are travelling with your partner, you can distribute it in any way you want.
There is nothing more beautiful than exploring the world with the person you love. It makes a beautiful beach even more beautiful, a sunset even more colourful, food even more tasty and people’s smiles even warmer. But time is often too short. Many couples get engaged or married on their travels. The most popular wedding destinations are tropical islands. But do not forget to arrange all the necessary documentation that you need in order to be legally married by “western” laws.

They say there are three ways of getting to know someone: moving in, borrowing money, or go travelling together. So choose your travel companions carefully. 😉

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