Renting a car on vacation

The summer is here and that means travelling! If you’re not a type of tourist who likes to spend a whole day lying around the hotel swimming pool, you’ll try to find a way to see the local sights. One possibility is organized trips, the other is public transport… but the third is renting a car. If you’re in a country where you feel comfortable driving on your own, you should think about this option – it’s very handy. But be careful!


  1. Deciding to rent

You should know that the size and type of a car influences the price. The bigger the car, the bigger the bill.

  1. Choose from whom to rent

When selecting the service from which you will rent, the price should not be the only factor. You should also consider their network, what is included in the price and: general terms and conditions.

  1. Price and extras

Apart from the price of the rental itself, there are some other expenses. Before signing the agreement, ask what is included in the price. Usually you have to pay extra for things like a baby seat, additional driver etc.

  1. Insurance

Always ask what does the insurance cover and what can/should be paid extra. It’s advisable to avoid insurances where there’s a high self-paying part involved. It’s better to go for insurances with no excess. It’s a bit more expensive, but in a case of an accident you’ll have considerably lower costs. If you book online, you usually also book an insurance. But the local company where you rent a car will always try to sell an additional insurance which is not necessary.

  1. Picking up the vehicle

You will need a personal document to rent a car, a driver’s licence and a credit card. They charge your credit card with a certain amount which is refunded at the end of the trip, if all goes well of course. Within EU it’s enough to have a national driver’s licence, for other countries you should check, because most require an international licence. Take a good look at the car before taking it and make a note of all possible damages on the car (together with their employee). Also check for the fuel level and make a note about it. If you want to pick the vehicle outside of business hours, be prepared to pay extra.

  1. Tickets

Yes, you will have to pay for traffic tickets yourself, for wrong parking or speeding – even if you´re at already safely back from your holiday. The rental company has to give your data to police, so they will find you and they will issue a ticket.

  1. Returning the vehicle

Return the vehicle at the appointed time and at the appointed place. There should be about the same amount of fuel as it was when you took the vehicle. And it is always better to return the car to an employee, so they can´t charge you for damage you´re not responsible for.

Safe driving!

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